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International Society of Arboriculture
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We service the Capital District of New York State, including Albany, Schenectady, Troy and SaratogaAll Seasons Tree Service provides two comprehensive lawn care programs, each professionally designed to enhance the health and beauty of your lawn.

Program #1: All Seasons Lawn Care Program

Consists of 5 applications which include fertilizer, extra potassium, micro-nutrients, pre-emergent crab grass control, broadleaf weed control and insect controls as needed.

Program #2: All Seasons Organic Lawn Care Program

Consists of 5 pesticide-free applications of natural and synthetic organic fertilizers which provide a comprehensive supply of primary, secondary, and minor nutrients.

Our fertilizers are selected by us and formulated to produce the best long term results for our area, and applied, at the proper times, to help achieve the lowest maintenance. Not just applied to force growth. We elect to use low salt and slow release fertilizers because they are best for your lawn, not because they are cheap. In addition, we add valuable low-salt potassium to keep your lawn healthy and drought resistant.

Both All Seasons Lawn Care Programs include soil testing done every three years. Any soil test recommendations are at the client's option to decline. We offer consultation and advice on how you should be caring for your lawn as regards mowing and watering or other items as they might arise. All Seasons Tree Service also offers additional services such as seeding, thatch reduction, and the application of lime or other materials.

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